THURSDAY JUNE 29TH - $30.00 with film


    When I was a girl of age 6, I was often toted along to various shindigs, with your festival founder Allison Anders, and “Ghost on the Highway” director Kurt Voss. There was one party in particular that I will never forget.  I spotted a very odd looking woman with bleached blonde hair and too much make up, wearing a plaid skirt. She was all on her lonesome chomping on some party food in the corner. She had a button of what appeared to be a photo of herself on her blazer. The curious and inquisitive child I was I asked my mother, “Why does that woman have a pin of herself on her jacket?” My mother answered “Honey, that’s not a woman, that’s Jeffrey Lee Pierce, and the button on his jacket is Debbie Harry.” Needless to say, from there on out I became a huge Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Gun Club fan.

    DKTR is proud to present this very special once in a lifetime reunion with original members of legendary Los Angeles punk/blues band The Gun Club.

FRIDAY JUNE 30TH - $12.00


    I saw these guys play a house party 2 years ago, and have been yearning to see them ever since. Full of energy, humor and catchy tunes they were definitely the hit of the party, and I’m confident they’ll be the hit of ours as well!


    I have often found myself inspired to run marathons while listening to this band. Someone recently asked me what they sounded like and I confidently answered “metal,” My buddy said. “You mean like Sleep? Or Queens of the Stone Age?” “hmmmm, no, not at all” I responded.  I found myself stumped, and I realized that though, god knows, this world is filled with metal bands, there was absolutely no one I could compare them to. The Fucking Champs are the most complex, innovative, and unique heavy rock band I have ever heard!

    Consisting of 2 guitars and drums, The Fucking Champs are for the most part an instrumental band. Tim Green  (Nation of Ulysses) and Phil Manley (Trans Am) play complicated guitar riffs that often start off as a clone of each other, only to branch off and harmonically converse in precise time. All the while, Tim Soete conducts from behind the kit with his fierce and authoritative drumming. These fellas have yet to let me down, they are truly in a league of their own!


  • 9:45 Be Your Own Pet
  • 10:30 Redd Kross

    Hailing from Hawthorne, CA, Redd Kross  formed when brothers Jeff and Steve Mc Donald were just wee boys. And when I say boys, I don’t mean 18 or even 15 for that matter. Try age 10! Yes!  You can hear a 10 year old Steve Mc Donald on their first self titled album squeak out with all his heart on the classic tune  “I Hate My School”

    They continued to rock hard releasing several albums throughout their teens and in 1987  they recruited guitarist Robert Hecker and drummer Roy McDonald (not related) and together they made magic! They released the classic album “Neurotica” and caused
    Redd Kross mania at their phenomenal “you must see it to believe it” live shows!

    We at DKTR are letting out hysterical screams of excitement that Jeff, Steve, Robert and Roy are together again!  Be there to witness the magic known as Redd Kross!

SUNDAY JULY 2nd - $12.00

  • 2: 15 John Fahey on Guitar Guitar with host Laura Webber SHORT FILM
  • 3:30 MARK FOSSON

    Mark Fosson is an out of this world 12 string acoustic guitar player . He had recorded an album in 1977 that was set to be released on Takoma Records, which was created by and for legendary guitarist and roots scholar John Fahey. Sadly, the label was sold before Mark’s record ever came out and the masters were returned to him. We are happy to announce that this lost gem will be available to all in July on Drag City. This audience will be the first to see him perform this material in twenty nine years!

  • 4:15- THALIA ZEDEK

    Thalia Zedek is my musical hero. With a career that spans over 20 years, she never ceases to release anything less than brilliant. With each project she has been involved with from Uzi to the undeniably great Come, she continues to add her stamp of grit and heart with each release. Truth and soul is what Ms. Zedek is all about!