Opening Night Gala Thursday, June 2
The World Premiere of

from director Kurt Voss ("Border Radio", "Sugartown", "Horseplayer", "Down & Out With The Dolls")

*Filmmaker Kurt Voss, producer/editor/composer Andrew R. Powell & former band members Terry Graham, Ward Dotson, & Kid Congo Powers will be in attendance.

Followed by a very special performance by original Gun Club members Kid Congo Powers, Terry Graham & Ward Dotson plus special guests.


Friday June 30th


12:00 PM
Unnatural Axe: You'll Pay for This
(Tommy White, 2005) * Filmmaker Tommy White will be in attendance.

Formed in 1977 in a Boston basement, Unnatural Axe became fixtures at The Rat, Cantone's and The Paradise, and brought their chaotic two and three chord punk throughout New England and New York, including CBGB's. Between 1977 and 1980, Unnatural Axe played countless shows and opened for bands such as The Dictators, The Plasmatics, Mission of Burma, and even The Police and Squeeze. Breaking up in 1980, Unnatural Axe has reformed numerous times for shows over the years and still occasionally play. Despite attracting the attention of Arista Records, Unnatural Axe only released a single 7" EP in the three years they were originally together - one that is highly sought after today. Since then, they have been featured on the Mass Ave comp released by Rhino, and on one of the highest-rated Killed By Death compilations, as well as other releases. Bands from around the world have covered Axe songs, including Italy's UFO Dictatorz, France's Splash Four, and most notably, The Dim Stars with Thurston Moore and Richard Hell.

2:00 PM
Let Them Eat Rock
(Rodman Flender, 2005) * Filmmaker Rodman Flender will be in attendance.

The Upper Crust dress like 18 th century European noblemen and play straight-up rock and roll about being filthy rich.  They start out playing the dingiest of dive-bars. One of them will end up as a confidant to the President.  Shot over five years, the film chronicles friendship, betrayal, guns, lipstick, an FBI investigation, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and the wild ride of a wild rock band (in tights and powdered wigs!) 


4:00 PM
Danielson : A Family Movie (or, make a joyful noise HERE)

JL Aronson

Stunning documentary about unbridled creativity vs. accessibility, Christian faith vs. popular culture, underground music vs. survival, and family vs. individuality. The film follows Daniel Smith, an eccentric musician and visual artist, as he leads his four siblings and best friend to indie-rock stardom. Beginning in 1995 when the youngest band member was 11 years old, the Danielson Famile performs in white, vintage nurse costumes to symbolize the healing power of the Good News, a recurring subject matter. Though tepidly received by the Christian music world, the South Jersey farmland-bred clan is widely embraced by the mainstream independent music community, written about in Rolling Stone, Spin, the New York Times and elsewhere as an outsider curiosity backed up by innovative, experimental music.

But as with other family acts, and particularly those that don't make much money, members of the band begin to seek out their own paths as they go through college and Daniel eventually faces the struggle to become viable as a solo act. Along the way he mentors an unknown singer-songwriter named Sufjan Stevens whose own subsequent success stands in stark contrast to the music world's uneasy reception of Danielson just a few years prior.  Collage, direct cinema, animation and memorable performances all contribute to this thoughtful and thought-provoking spectacle.

8:15 PM
You're Gonna Miss me: Concerning Roky Erikson, the great lost vocalist of rock & roll, and his mother Evelyn

(Keven Mcalester, 2005) West Coast premiere *Filmmaker Keven Mcalester will be in attendance.

Roger Kynard "Roky" Erickson was a rock-and-roll icon: A manic white-blues singer who  was Janis Joplin's primary influence, he fronted a band called the 13th Floor Elevators, considered by many to be the  creators of psychedelic music. After a 1969 marijuana arrest, Erickson entered an insanity plea and was sent to the Rusk State Hospital, a medieval institution deep in the east Texas pineforests. He remained there for three years with  the state's most violent mentally ill offenders, then re-emerged a changed man.   For the past 12 years, Erickson has lived as a total recluse, shut in with his white noise and watching  cartoons all day. He collects junk-mail by the stack. He only opens the door for his mother, Evelyn. Evelyn spends  her days in their crumbling family home, abandoned by her other four sons and husband, doing yoga and reimagining  her life through homemade films and "storyboards"--large planks of cardboard onto which she's pasted family photos  and written out the story of their lives, "to convince myself that I'd been a good mother." Through them, she slowly  charts the disintegration of their family.  Her youngest son Sumner, the only family member to have escaped, has not returned home in ten years. He  hears of his brother's situation and vows to persuade his mother to cede control of Roky in a "crusade to give his brother his life and music back."   Keven McAlester’s moving and devastating filmic journey takes us through Roky’s life, his mind and into our own compassion for what is loved and lost and the incredible human capacity for hope.

Saturday July 1st  
12:00 PM
The Last Record Store

(Jeffrey Liles, 2005) West Coast premiere * *Filmmaker Jeffrey Liles will be in attendance.

"The Last Record Store" is a documentary film about the people who frequent Bill's Records, a popular indie recordstore in Dallas, Texas. Writer/Director Jeffrey Liles worked as an employee at thestore as a teenager, and he made this film for 61-year-old owner Bill Wisener to have as a personal keepsake to remember his nearly thirty-year long tenure as the grandfather of the local music scene. Includes live instore performances by Daniel Johnston, James Hall (from the band Pleasure Club) and 1100 Springs. Also includes music by Hydrponic Sound System, Decadent Dub Team, The Spores, Chomsky, Centromatic, Jabwai, Maimou, Com:Plex, Test Shot Starfish and many others.

1:30 PM
La Brune Et Moi

(Philippe Puicouyoul, 1980 ) US premiere
Shot in Paris in 1979 on borrowed gear, “La Brune Et Moi” - a play on the French title for the American 50s rock 'n' roll film “The Girl Can't Help It” (“La Bonde Et Moi”) - was shot in one week and a Saturday. The film stars scenester Anoushka as a young woman who aches to be a ‘punk rock star” and actor Pierre Clementi (“The Conformist”, “Belle De Jour”) as the man who wants her enough to try to make it happen.   Like its American counterpart, the story is a gloriously thin prop in grand rock film tradition for the rockin' performances of these amazing New Wave French bands: Ici Paris,  Artefact, Astroflash, Edith Nylon, The Questions, The Party, Marquis de Sade, Dogs, Go-Go Pigalles, Taxi Girl, Les Prives!   An unbelievably rare opportunity to experience punk rock Paris!

2:45 PM
Monks: Transatlantic Feedback

(Dietmar Post, 2005) special preview, work in progress screening, never seen before!
*Filmmakers Dietmar Post and Lucia Palacios, and Monks members Dave Day and Eddie Shaw will be in attendance
 The Monks were 5 American GI’s in cold war Germany who billed themselves as the anti-Beatles; they were heavy on feedback, nihilism and electrical banjo. They had strange haircuts, dressed in black, mocked the military and rocked harder than any of their mid-sixties counterparts while managing to basically invent industrial, punk and techno music.  The genre-overlapping documentary film not only illustrates the pop music phenomenon in its political, social and cultural historic contexts, but also reveals the monks project as the first marriage between art and popular music and this months before Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground.

The five protagonists of the film came to cold war Germany in 1961 as soldiers and left the country in 1967 as avant-garde monks. For more than thirty years they were not able to talk about their strange experience. In the film they recount for the first time their adventure.

7:30 PM
The Treasures of Long Gone John
(Gregg Gibbs, 2006) * Filmmaker Gregg Gibbs will be in attendance.

The Treasures of Long Gone John is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the eccentric art and musical obsessions of indie record producer Long Gone John.

 The product of a troubled childhood, Long Gone John found success through the establishment of the record label, Sympathy for the Record Industry.  During the past seventeen years, he has single-handedly released over 750 records without ever signing a contract and has helped launch the careers of the White Stripes, Hole, The Dwarves and Rocket from the Crypt. Along the way, he compulsively amassed a vast collection of art and pop ephemera, in addition to starting the Necessaries Toy Foundation.

 The Treasures of Long Gone John profiles the work of four artists in John’s immense collection of art, music and oddities: Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia and Robert Williams.  The film reveals the private world of each artist and their creative process while simultaneously weaving in the  execution of a 6 by 8 foot painting of John by Todd Schorr - captured over a ten-month period.

Sunday July 2nd  
12:00 PM
The Soul of A Man
Director Wim Wenders poetic and mystical look at the dramatic tension in the blues between the sacred and the down and dirty reality of hard lives lived of three of his favorite blues artists: Skip James, Blind Willie Johnson and J.B. Lenoir. Part history, part personal pilgrimage, gorgeous fantasy sequences paired with rare archival footage, and present-day  documentary scenes the film also includes covers by contemporary musicians such as Nick Cave, Los Lobos, Beck, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Vernon Reid,, John Mayall, Lou Reed, Bonnie Raitt, Marc Ribot, The John Spencer Blues Explosion, Lucinda Williams and T Bone Burnett.

(35mm print courtesy of Martin Scorsese)

5:30 PM
High and Dry (Where The Desert Meets Rock & Roll)
(Michael Toubassi, 2005) LA premiere *Filmmaker Michael Toubassi will in attendance.

High and Dry is a documentary profiling the history of Tucson, Arizona's eclectic music scene.

The past two decades have seen a number of singular talents emerge from Tucson, including Giant Sand's Howe Gelb, who has been called "the godfather of the alt-country movement," seminal blues slide-guitarist Rainer Ptacek, and original cow punk Al Perry. The city has also spawned more popular acts including Calexico, the Supersuckers and Machines of Loving Grace. Some of these bands reached the big time but self-destructed under the pressure of a music career they just weren't ready for, while others still make a successful living from their music, without the support of a major label or the mainstream music industry. High and Dry tells these musicians' stories, while giving insight into the choices they made along the way.

Drawing upon rare archival material, as well as live performances (awesome Tucson late 70s punk footage) and exclusive interviews with band members, the film provides a unique view of Tucson and its music scene. More than just a “who’s who” of Tucson music, High and Dry is a film about success and failure and what those terms really mean – in the music business, and in life.


8:30 PM
We Jam Econo
(Tim Irwin,2005) DVD release screening!
This feature length documentary chronicles the ground breaking, early 80’s punk rock band from their humble beginnings in the harbor town of San Pedro, CA to their tragic and untimely demise when lead signer and guitarist D. Boon was killed in a van accident in December of 1985.

Told by those who were there, “We Jam Econo – The Story Of The Minutemen” weaves in rare and vibrant archival footage, and over fifty newly shot interviews with archival interviews and live performances to capture the dynamic energy and DIY spirit of these hardcore pioneers. The film is paced as exuberant as seeing the band in their prime!

Monday July 3rd  
12:00 PM
Lovedolls Superstar
( Dave Markey)
“The Lovedolls return from their untimely  demise in this 1986 sequel to Desperate Teenage Lovedolls.  Patch  Kelley (Janet Housden) becomes Patch Christ, the leader of anacid-damaged  religious cult who rescues has been Kitty Karryall(Jennifer Schwartz) from a boozy, wasted life.  Once reunited, they recruit Sunset Boulevard hooker Alexandria "Cheetah" Axethrasher  (Kim Pilkington) to replace the recently murdered Bunny Tremelo (Hilary Rubens). Rainbow Tramaine  (Steven McDonald), from the Freedom School in New Mexico ventures to Hollywood  to discover his twin brother Johnny has committed suicide after taking The Lovedolls to the top.  The She Devils leader Tanya Hearst's mother, Patricia Ann Cloverfield (Tracy Lea) is back in town to even the score. Meanwhile obsessed  fanatic Carl Celery (Jeff McDonald) lives in his own world of Lovedoll worship,  only to carry out an assassination of Brews Springstien (Jordan Schwartz).”  

Border Radio
(Allison Anders, Dean Lent, and Kurt Voss, 1987, ) 35mm Print! * Filmmakers Allison Anders and Kurt Voss will be in attendance.
“In this semi-improvised look at life along the edges of L.A.'s rock scene, Chris D. (real name Chris Desjardins, leader of the L.A. punk band The Flesh Eaters) plays Jeff, a singer/songwriter who has suddenly gone missing. Two of his friends, bandmate Dean (John Doe, from the group X) and faithful roadie Chris (Chris Shearer), seem anxious to get in touch with him, and with good reason: Jeff and his band were stiffed by a club owner on payment for a recent gig, so they broke into the club's safe and took off with the loot. Now Jeff and the money have vanished, and Dean and Chris are torn between their concern for their friend's safety and their need to get their hands on the cash. Meanwhile, Jeff wanders aimlessly in Mexico, seemingly content after cutting himself off from the turmoil of his life in Los Angeles.Luanna Anders is a rock journalist and Jeff's wife left to pick up the pieces after his disappearance.   Shot entirely on location in Echo Park, Hollywood, Ensenada BC, and Silver Lake!

4:30 PM

Shakespeare Was A Big George Jones Fan: Cowboy Jack Clements' Home Movies
(Robert Gordon& Morgan Neville)

This biographical  documentary by filmmakers Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon on country music producer/songwriter/raconteur Cowboy Jack Clement  is a film like no other:  Hilarious.  Surreal.  Completely renagade!  (And yes...Johnny Cash does Shakespeare -- who knew?)  The Fellini of Nashville offers up here some thirty years of home movies with country music icons as you truly have never seen them before. 

8:00 PM Encore Screening
from director Kurt Voss ("Border Radio", "Sugartown", "Horseplayer", "Down & Out With The Dolls")


  Little Sister From Thailand to Graceland
(Roger Ramnath)
A little girl from Thailand dreams of being Elvis.
  You Better Behave (Geoffrey Shrewsbury)
Beware of girls you pick up at gigs.
  Viva Morrisey (Jonathan Miertschin, Jessica Hundley, 2005)
Amazing Document of the romantic chicano connection to Morrisey.
The Good Guys (Paul Deason 1965)
Clean cut So Cal garage band competes for a prize.
Pity 24 (Simone Howell, 2004)
An aussie punk idol is remembered.
Special Trailers

Bardot A Go Go :
The History of Sixties French Pop Documentary-In-Progress…rare footage, amazing music and featuring interviews with Jean-Marie Pèrier, Antoine and Jacques LeBlanc.

Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (Stephen Kijak)A long overdue look at the career and music of the granddaddy of all cult artists: heart throb, exestensial rock myth and reclusive legend. Featuring: David Bowie, Brian Eno, Jarvis Cocker,Sting, Marc Almond,Johnny Marr,Richard Hawley,Simon Raymonde,Lulu and more. Executive produced by David Bowie www.scottwalkerfilm.com

Something I've got to Tell You : A Life in the Death of Joe Meek (Susan Stahman and Howard S. Berger)A preview of PalmDoor Films Susan Stahman and Howard S.Berger's feature length documentary about the brillant career and tragic life of Britain's first independent record producer Joe Meek. www.myspace.com/meekmovie, www.palmdoorfilms.com